Creeping Up on Unsuspecting Shores: The Great Lakes, in a Welcome Turnaround – Ephraim waters…

October 8, 2014 PerryA

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June 28, 2014

EPHRAIM, Wis. — Like a slowly draining bathtub, this sparkling inlet of Lake Michigan had seen its clear, cool waters recede for years.

Piers that once easily reached the water had gone high and dry. Fishermen did not dare venture into the shallow water looking for smallmouth bass, lest their propellers scrape bottom. And residents of Ephraim, a village on a peninsula that juts into Lake Michigan, were so alarmed that the county paper asked in a headline in April of last year, “Will the Great Lakes Rise Again?”

But after reaching historic lows in 2013, water levels in the Great Lakes are now abruptly on the rise…

I have to say I was amazed how fast the water level came back..
Link to the full story in the NYTIMES

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